About us

YOUth Towards a Living World- We understand that the key to a living world is a balanced harmony between mankind and the environment. It is not something which is achievable over night; each and every individual on earth must think and act together to do so. People must be aware of their responsibilities towards the environment that surrounds us all. In fact, the young people specially have a vital role in this process. Young people of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. They will be the policy makers, they will be the business leaders, and they are the ones who will be deciding the fate of billions. They need to make “informed” decisions when the time comes; it is crucial for long term sustainability of this planet. Indeed the seniors have to recognize and accept their individual responsibilities, thereafter making the young people aware now and today. Therefore, we refuse to remain ignorant anymore; we work towards a living world.

AUTUMN Foundation is a kind of an excuse; it is an excuse to do what is right and needs to be done. It is an excuse to do something for the environment, the society and the people. We invite those who possess the right enthusiasm, and we work collectively towards a better future. Here no one is ignored or prioritized; it is in our core to support and encourage positive enthusiasm and effort. Every individual is unique with unique opinions and ideas; we respect that because every opinion matters. Many young people are out there who wants to contribute their fair share towards this beautiful planet we call home; but indeed it is difficult to act solo. We give those single individuals a platform to work in a collective way. In fact, all of us are volunteers under one roof; we do what we do because what we do makes us happy.

YOUth Towards a Living World

AUTUMN Foundation is the symbol of passionate youth; it signifies the positive aura of the young people. The driving force behind this organization is the sheer enthusiasm of the young people who are involved with it. It is a platform of unity and mutual respect. Youth is a source of relentless positive energy; it needs to be properly channeled in order to have a sustainable future or a “living world”; and we tend to do that.

Again our understanding of the system forces us to believe The Key to a living world is maintaining a harmony between mankind and the environment. Because we have to understand that the earth will eventually survive, it is us who might ultimately become extinct because of our irresponsible activities. Future always depends on our actions and the decisions we take today. We have decided to foster the future leaders; so why wouldn’t you?