Return to Aila; What & Why

Purpose of this campaign: After 14 long months, still there are about 100,000 people going through the daily sufferings that were left by the devastating cyclone Aila last year. A lot of initiatives have already been taken to rehabilitate the helpless people of the Aila affected areas, both from the Government and the Non-government ends. Nevertheless, the crisis continues.

“Return to Aila” is an awareness campaign through which the young people will unite and raise their voices in support for the proper rehabilitation of the Aila affected people. The campaign will be organized through several Photo Exhibitions in different public and private universities. The exhibition will showcase actual photographs of the affected people of Dacope, one of the worst affected areas of Bangladesh.

Discussion seminars will also be held at those facilitating universities. Experts and experienced individuals will share their opinions and views on the matter. They will give guidance to the young participants in regards to what should be done to ensure proper rehabilitation of the Aila affected people. The participants will be offered a chance to work collectively in order to make this initiative truly successful.

In every event all the viewers and the participants will be asked to sign a petition to show their support. And finally at the end of this campaign the petition document(s) shall be submitted to the proper authorities; they will be asked not only to accept the appeal but also to act on it swiftly.

There are two basic results that the campaign seeks to achieve. Firstly, it is to raise awareness among the young students of Bangladesh about the actual current situation of the Aila affected people. Secondly, through this campaign we want to convey a strong message to the authorities that Actual, Long Term and Proper rehabilitation of those vulnerable people has to be ensured swiftly and with no further delay.