Return to Aila | Magnificent Dhaka Commerce College

It was a wonderful sight to see at the Dhaka Commerce College when the enthusiastic young individuals came forwards to show their support for the cause. The concern was obvious on all the faces, but willingness to help those vulnerable people outshone everything else.

The Photo Exhibition opened for the students from the early morning. There were twenty pictures along with other informative materials that were placed in the college auditorium for everyone to see. Students and teachers started to crowd the place from the beginning and it remained like that till the end. The teachers were supportive and they shared much valuable appreciation for the work AUTUMN Foundation and its members are doing to help the Aila affected people.

Return to Aila

The aim of AUTUMN Foundation is to generate awareness among the young people and to assist them in developing a sense of obligation towards vulnerable people. This is so that they can be effective while shaping the future of Bangladesh as leaders of the nation. Positive energy flowed throughout the day and the students showed keen interest in helping the people of the Aila affected areas. They asked questions, suggested solutions, offered their hands in support and appreciatively showed determination in helping those Aila affected people in any way possible.

A seminar was held during the afternoon where several respected teachers of Dhaka Commerce College shared their experiences and views with the students. They greatly admired the campaign and the initiative taken by the AUTUMN Foundation. Professor ABM Abul Kasem encouraged the students to join with the members of the organization and work together for the cause, for Bangladesh, for humanity; he is the Vice Principal of Dhaka Commerce College. The exhibition and the closing ceremony ended with a valuable speech from Mr. Saidur Rahman, a well respected teacher of the college. He wished for the success of the campaign and for the suffering of the cyclone Aila affected people to end early.

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