Devastating storm of October 11 – AUTUMN Foundation extends support for the victims

A devastating storm on October 11 destroyed thousands of homes in several upazilas of Noakhali, Bhola and Chittagong and other adjacent areas. The 20-minute long storm that started from 2:00am last Thursday destroyed houses, mosques, educational institutions and many other structures in these areas.

The storm also damaged over 2,000 dwelling houses, 2,500 acres of agricultural land and killed 20 cattle.It uprooted scores of trees that snapped road communications in Subarnachar and Hatia. Electricity supply remained snapped at the district headquarters following the storm. (Source: The Daily Star newspaper)

Is it receiving enough attention?
Much needed attention has been on the recent regrettable vandalism and tragedy in Ramu, Cox’s Bazaar. Other than that the Destiny and Hall Mark group scandals are frequently getting the top spot on the newspapers and all the other form of mass media. Although the Thursday tragedy is being reported and covered but not in the volume as anyone would have preferred!

AUTUMN Foundation is collecting donation for the victims
The young members and supporters of AUTUMN Foundation is now currently engaging in donation collection activities to help the victims of this storm. “The smallest amount of contribution can make a difference” – with this objective the members are knocking at every door and requesting everyone to extend their hands in support.

The holy festivals of Puja and Eid are knocking at the door. You may be giving generously to the deprived people during these festive times. So, why not start a little early and give something now?

If you would like to donate, then please contact:

Arifur Rahman 01670-914691
Didarul Arafat 01670-154209
Rezaur Rahman Chowdhury 01717-512923
Saiful Islam

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