Relief distribution among 250 families in Hatia

AUTUMN Foundation distributed relief materials among 250 families in Hatia, Bangladesh on October 24, 2012. Apart from the fundamental humanitarian objective, an attempt was made to make the Puja and Eid festivals a little bit more enjoyable for the unfortunate people.

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The tropical storm of October 11 devastated the lives of thousands of people in Bangladesh. The worst hit areas are Hatia in Noakhali, Monpura in Bhola, vast areas in Lakshmipur, Mirershorai in Chittagong and other adjacent areas. Immediately after the tragic storm, the young members of the organization planned to extend support for the victims. Due to limited capability and resources, a focused approach was initiated. Preparation started from October 13, 2012; the plan was to distribute relief materials among 250 families in Hatia, Bangladesh. A fund raising campaign was launched and it ran till October 22, 2012. Personal contribution from many notable individuals gave a boost to the campaign. A significant amount of fund was collected from three mosques on October 19. A road side campaign involved video showcasing of the storm hit areas; it helped to generate awareness among the common people and it also helped to collect more funds for the relief. Many of the young members went door to door to collect donations and to spread further awareness of this tragic disaster.

On the evening of October 22, thirteen AUTUMN Foundation members started their journey for Hatia. The first task was distribution of unique tokens among 250 families who will be eligible for receiving the relief materials. The families were chosen based on many considerations and after several reviews. Mainly the worst hit families were given top priority. Token distribution completed on October 23.

The relief distribution among the 250 families started from the morning of October 24, 2012. All the 13 members of AUTUMN Foundation were actively engaged in organizing and arrangement; they kept the situation under control and made sure that the relief distribution went smoothly. The following food items were given to each family:

Rice (Bangla: Bhaat)

: 6 kg

Lentils (Bangla: Daal)

: 500 gm

Sugar (Bangla: Chini)

: 500 gm

Flat rice (Bangla: Chira)

: 1 kg

Sweetened noodles (Bangla: Shemai)

: 500 gm

Oral saline

: 4 packets

Now, AUTUMN Foundation is planning to distribute winter clothing among those people as they have lost almost everything due to the devastating storm. Much needs to be done for the restoration of the entire community. Houses, schools, medical clinics and many other essential infrastructures have been destroyed. The Bangladesh government is working with these issues, but that alone is not sufficient. AUTUMN Foundation would like to request all the relevant agencies and philanthropists to come forward in support.

Let’s build a better future, let’s do it together.

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