Get involved

AUTUMN Foundation is a voluntary organization. Those who work here work entirely because of their love for this planet that all of us call home. They care because caring for the helpless is one of their values, and accordingly they act because they refuse to remain ignorant.

So, ask yourself what you believe in. Contribute what you can, contribute just by talking about it. Instead of being the victim of conformity, be a change agent that you can be. Preserve and care for the environment as it cares for us. Give something back to this lovely planet if you can realize that you have taken quite a lot. Contribute your fair share, let’s work together.

Volunteer with us: Join us in pursuit of a better future for the upcoming generations.

Campaign with us; Share your thoughts, turn them into reality: Get involved as an organizer of a seminar or a campaign, or be a participant of any knowledge sharing session.

Spread the word: Be an active part of it, and help spread the awareness. Knowledge is the key, realize that yourself and help others to realize it.

Make a Donation: Your little contribution will go a long way in changing many vulnerable lives.

Be a Little Greener: Can’t actively support us? No problem. Be a little greener yourself, encourage others to do so.