Be a little greener

The aim of AUTUMN Foundation is to achieve a world where leaders are making informed decisions in order to maintain a sustainable growth and a sustainable living world. Therefore, we try to be a little greener than usual; we encourage you to do the same.

Supporting us does not mean sitting together with us and planning for the future, it involves a lot more. Support us by-

  • Being sensible while utilizing resources
  • Trying to be more efficient in what you are doing
  • Encouraging others to be respectful towards the environment
  • Living a little greener yourself e.g. restrain yourself from using products which are harmful to the environment, walking short distances instead of using the car, if possible using the mass transit system wherever possible etc.
  • Adopting green technologies e.g. energy efficient electronic products.
  • Encouraging others to live a little greener

Majority of these activities are quite simple and easy to live by. All of us are in debt to the environment that provides for us so much. Realizing that is the important part and that is what we encourage you to do; put forth the obvious that has become so obscure.