We are thankful to the following partners/well wishers for their inspiration, enthusiasm, and continuous support. A little encouragement goes a long way to motivate the enthusiastic young minds who are working with it; and we are grateful for that.

  • TxPro IT – The Technology partner of AUTUMN Foundation is – TxPro IT. We understands & feels the need to contribute to such a novel cause & will continue to do so.
  • The Climate Summit – The Climate Summit is a global consortium of concerned individuals and institutions committed to addressing the dual issues of climate change and sustainable development. We utilize common, innovative and advanced communication technologies to increase awareness and create a forum through which the global community can join together for discussion, deliberation and action.
  • Collegiate Climate Collaboration – The Collegiate Climate Collaboration is an organization committed to raising awareness and fostering climate change-related discussion & debate amongst the international college community. We aim to serve as a global forum for all universities & their respective, representative student contributors; through a communal web log, students are able to share critical perspectives, ideas, as well as local initiatives & policies with a collegiate web community focused on adapting such initiatives to both their own universities as well as the greater world around them.