What we do

“Ignorance is bliss”, we refuse to believe that and that is the first thing we do. Awareness is important to understand what peril lies ahead if we remain ignorant. Knowledge is important to decide our roles as individuals towards this planet we live in. Active and informed involvement is important for the purpose of preserving our planet. Here in AUTUMN Foundation, we tend to follow these simple rules to ensure a better future for the next generation. We seek for others who believe in the same way and are passionate to do something about it.

Youth Development: We are a family who shares thoughts and beliefs, knowledge and experience with the purpose of helping each others to grow.

Community development: Taking our lives for granted is the worst possible thing that any human being can do. All of us are in debt to the environment that provides for us so much. Realizing that is the important part and that is what we try to do; put forth the obvious that has become so obscure.

A Hand in Need: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”; AUTUMN Foundation is a meeting place of such friends who believe it is ridiculous not to think about others. In times, people fall victims to dire and catastrophic situations, we keep our conscience clean by spreading a hand towards them.

Campaigning for a sustainable growth: It is certain that every nation on earth seeks further growth and development, it is also apparent that no one can deny them of their right to do so. Therefore, all the nations on earth must seek for a sustainable way of growth. The result of failing to do so would most definitely cause a catastrophic destruction of everything we hold near and dear. AUTUMN Foundation is sworn to convey this message to the change makers and policy makers.