A hand in need

It is amazing to see when good people entirely ignore the risks and go in aid of others. Sometimes the casualties of a natural calamity are so great in numbers that even the strongest hearts fail to see any hope in it; regardless, they try and keep on trying.

AUTUMN Foundation trains the young people about rescue-relief-rehabilitation operations. Through peer learning we provide them with the basic sense of necessity of such initiatives. And with the help of experts, all of us learn and train ourselves to spread our hands when a helpless souls fall victim to any extreme natural catastrophe.

There are many young individuals who have participated in such noble initiatives through different means and in several different times. We seek those enthusiastic individuals; we try to learn from them, share knowledge and experience and collectively bring about change.

And there are many young individuals who possess the strong will to help others in dire times; we invite them to work together with us, and with many other enthusiastic young individuals who possess similar kind of desire to help others.