Community Development

Change has to start from individual level and then it has to continue to the community level and then to national. Communities play a vital role to the overall preservation and protection of the environment. AUTUMN Foundation tries to increase awareness among the communities through campaigns, seminars and other learning activities.

Environmental degradation can cause serious harm to our normal way of living. For example, the anthropogenic climate change is threatening millions of lives worldwide. It is happening because we have remained ignorant for too long; we intend to change that. We intend to raise awareness among communities about what responsibilities they have towards the proper utilization of resources.

The point here is that all of us inside our little communities gradually become ignorant towards the environment because of either lack of knowledge or because of lack of activities. Most of us go through our usual daily routine not thinking about the environment even for once. But apparently, our lives depend on it; in fact we are in debt to the environment for giving us such vital resources through which we have conquered the entire world. AUTUMN Foundation tends to provoke that sense among the communities, that sense of dependency that we have on the environment. We try to make the people grateful and more responsible towards the environment.