Youth development

AUTUMN Foundation focuses on and nurtures the passionate and positive aura of the young people. It is a platform of unity and mutual respect. Youth is a source of relentless positive energy; it needs to be properly channeled in order to have a sustainable growth now and in the long run.

We focus on Awareness development; through seminars and discussions we try to develop the basic understanding level of the young people regarding the environment, the balance that lies between mankind and the environment, proper resource utilization, causes of natural resource depletion, the current scenario in Bangladesh and the way forward.

Triggering thought mechanism; through facts and information we enable the young people to think deeper and grow a better understanding of the actual scenario regarding environmental degradation and the consequences of it.

Active participation; the young and enthusiastic minds are then call to act, act in a sustainable way and also sensibly. They are given the opportunity to raise their voice and share thoughts through knowledge sharing and active participation. Depending on resource availability, the young minds get involved in active community development programs and further awareness development among peers.

A sense of responsibility; awareness, knowledge and involvement allows the young minds to grow a deeper sense of responsibility which will for sure guide them throughout the rest of their lives. The road to a Green leadership starts from here with the help of these small but effective initiatives.